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Question of the month: careers education

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[caption id="attachment_4077" align="alignnone" width="480"] Is there a careers education strategy for a secondary school?[/caption]

I’m pretty sure I received no careers advice at all when at secondary school, but then I already knew that I wanted to be a specialist researcher at The Key – which, considering it didn’t exist when I was doing my GCSEs, is pretty impressive. For those without crystal balls, however, careers education has the potential to broaden horizons.

Business also has a keen interest in the relationship between education and future careers. Last year, more than half of business leaders surveyed by the CBI said they were dissatisfied with school leavers’ communication skills, for example.

We were asked by an assistant headteacher at a large secondary school for an example of a strategy for careers education. We wrote a whole brand new article on this (we’re good like that), which features some great advice from Gary Forrest, who is a curriculum adviser with expertise in careers education.

Gary talks about the importance of having an in-house careers team who can set targets, and the article also has examples of careers education provision from schools. So if your crystal ball is unhelpful or non-existent, fear not: members of The Key for School Leaders service can view the article on developing a careers education strategy here.

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