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Question of the week: teachers' workloads

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Are there examples of working hours audits for teachers?

This question came from a primary school headteacher in the south east, and suggests concerns about teachers’ work-life balance (or lack thereof) that will be familiar to school leaders up and down the country.

A teachers’ workload survey conducted by the NUT in 2014 found that 90% of respondents had considered leaving teaching since 2012, and a further 87% knew at least one teacher who had left in this time because of the workload.

Since there is pressure from the government, Ofsted and schools themselves to record more and more data, it is not surprising that data entry and analysis is cited as a major cause of excessive workloads, in addition to marking.

The article we published in response to this question links to workload surveys and questionnaires for teachers which schools can use to measure the scale of the problem. Members of our school leader service can read this article, here.

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