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Who do schools feel most accountable to?

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[caption id="attachment_887" align="aligncenter" width="980"] 1 in 7 of all article views on The Key for School Leaders are across these four areas[/caption]

At The Key for School Leaders, we have a unique insight into how schools are engaging with the full spectrum of stakeholders to whom they are now accountable. Looking at the articles they viewed last term, we can see that articles about Ofsted and other forms of inspection occupy a significant amount of school leaders' interest, followed by the 'engaging parents and carers' and 'external assessment' areas of the website.

I've highlighted 'working with governors' as the area that receives the fewest article views of the four, although interest in this topic is growing compared with a year ago. I've also noticed that the largest interest in this area of the website comes from schools in multi-academy trusts.

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