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If school staff Christmas parties were inspected …

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Christmas parties are tense occasions. There’s a constant worry that at least one staff member will get way too drunk. There’s a much bigger worry that the drunk staff member will be you. No one wants to wake up the morning after with their final memory of the night being that look your line manager gave you while they gently suggested, “maybe have a water for your next drink?”.

Staff parties in schools are harder still. Everyone is so shattered and relieved that the first term is over that there’s a genuine chance someone might pass out from exhaustion half way through their first pint.

When I worked in a school, our Christmas party was mid-day drinks at a pub in Blackburn town centre. To clarify, the school was in Blackburn – we didn’t travel up from London for this.

So what does make a good school Christmas party? We’ve put together some criteria to help you judge your own.

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