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The biggest school leadership questions of last academic year

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During the 2013/2014 academic year, the articles on The Key for School Leaders' website were viewed more than one million times. We're really proud that school leaders across the country have been turning to us for answers to so many of their questions.

Below, we list the questions that prompted last year’s most popular articles:

  1. What are the differences between the current and new National Curriculum?
  2. Is there a checklist for observing lessons in line with the Ofsted framework?
  3. What changes to inspection came into force in 2014?
  4. Are there examples of curriculum maps for the new primary curriculum?
  5. Do you have a summary of the SEND Code of Practice (2014)?
  6. How should we deal with requests for pupils to go on holiday in term-time?
  7. What is the latest thinking on what will replace National Curriculum levels?
  8. What statutory documents must schools have in place?
  9. How should we manage the introduction of the new curriculum?
  10. What evaluation criteria can we use in lesson observations?

Here at Key Insights, we’ll also be highlighting the most popular articles on The Key for School Governors' website, and looking more closely at the wider trends across both our services.

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