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The differences between parent governors and staff governors

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In the first half of the autumn term, we delved into the brain of a governor by noting which areas of The Key for School Governors they visited to view articles. This post sparked some debate among the education Twitterati about what the right share of focus ought to be. How much of a governing body's attention should be given over to strategy and improvement? How much should be given over to the roles, membership, structure, and procedures of the governing body itself?

We've dug a little deeper to see if there is any difference between different types of governors when they use The Key for School Governors. (Please rest assured that no governors were harmed during the course of these dissections!)

Parent governors are sometimes unfairly stereotyped as being mainly motivated by interest in their own children. However, their areas of interest broadly match those of other types of governor. Almost half of the information parent governors access on The Key for School Governors concerns the core role of the governing body and its functions.

Staff governors show the most even spread of attention across the five areas of support on The Key for School Governors. Of all governor types, they are the least concerned with the core function of the governing body, and the most concerned with pupils and learning.

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