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The Key's school leader Christmas survival pack

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Hello school leaders, Santa here!

I’ve asked the elves over at The Key to help me answer a few of your Christmas-related questions that have been mixed in with your letters. Members of The Key for School Leaders can log in to see these articles in full. If you’re a school leader who hasn’t used The Key before, you can register for a free trial here.

Dear Santa,

I’ve got a lovely bottle of apricot brandy tucked away in my cupboard. Can I share it with my team at our Christmas lunch this week?


Edgar Nogg, Hertfordshire

Dear Edgar,

Do make sure you keep a little brandy to leave out for me. As for sharing with your colleagues, the following article might help:

Alcohol at staff social events

Is there official guidance on staff drinking alcohol during Christmas lunches?

Dear Santa,

I've been roped into the drama club's production of The Muppet's Christmas Carol. What colour is Fozzie Bear meant to be?


Kenneth Ermit, Cumbria

Dear Kenneth,

Before you start worrying about your costume, you might want to check that the drama club have read the following articles:

Licences for school productions

What licences do we need to put on a school production?

Parents photographing and videoing school events

Can parents take photographs at school events?

Dear Santa,

We’ve just discovered that little Tiny Tim in class 4B has the voice of an angel. Do you know if Gareth Malone is available to help us start a school choir?


Tony Deaf, Bristol

Dear Tony,

Mr Malone is a very busy man at the moment, but he has given some advice on the benefits of singing in a choir, which features in this article:

School choirs: impact and organisation

What guidance and support is there for starting a school choir?

Dear Santa,

My nephews have been volunteering in school and tell me we all have to wear a “festive” jumper next week. Can I put this down as a staff expense?


Mr S. McDuck, Duckburg

Dear Mr McDuck,

I'm sure that you'll want to get a gift for your nephews to say thank you for volunteering, so in addition to answering your question about staff expenses, the elves at The Key have also suggested you read the guidance on gifts for volunteers:

Staff expenses: policies and guidance

Do you have a staff expenses policy?

Purchasing gifts for volunteers

Is there any guidance on buying gifts for volunteers?

Well, school leaders, I hope those articles helped. All that remains is for me to thank you for your hard work this term in looking after and educating all the boys and girls. I'll definitely leave an extra special something in each of your stockings this year!

Merry Christmas to all!

Santa x

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