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Top ten articles for governors: staff and headteacher appraisal

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The autumn term is a busy time for governors taking a lead on staffing, with appraisals and pay decisions due, and the headteacher's objectives to set for the year ahead. Below are the articles on The Key for School Governors viewed most so far this term in the staff section of the website.

  1. What are the current arrangements for headteacher appraisal?
  2. Can you set out the steps to take for headteacher appraisal? (includes five downloadable KeyDocs covering different elements of the review process)
  3. What is new in the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document 2014? (includes a downloadable KeyDoc)
  4. Must pay recommendations be approved by a pay committee?
  5. Is there guidance on setting performance objectives for the headteacher?
  6. What do we do if the headteacher has failed to meet his/her objectives?
  7. How should I chair the headteacher’s performance review?
  8. How is the headteacher’s pay determined in maintained schools?
  9. What criteria could we use in judging a headteacher’s performance? (includes a downloadable KeyDoc)
  10. Which governors should take part in the headteacher’s appraisal?

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