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Top ten articles: job descriptions

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The staff area of our school leader website is the largest and most popular. It covers employment and management of teachers and support staff. It includes articles on pay and conditions, performance management, professional development, recruitment, and the roles and responsibilities of staff.

One of the more common questions we are asked about recruitment is for examples of job descriptions for a particular role. So far this academic year, school leaders have viewed articles featuring job descriptions of more than two hundred individual roles.

Below are the ten most viewed job description articles since September.

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  1. Job description: school business manager/bursar
  2. Job description: deputy headteacher
  3. Job description: SENCO
  4. Job description: primary classroom teacher
  5. Job description: higher level teaching assistant (HLTA)
  6. Job description: primary post-threshold teacher
  7. Job description: assistant headteacher (all phases)
  8. Job description: assistant headteacher (primary only)
  9. Job description: primary teacher with a TLR
  10. Job description: teaching assistant

There was something of a split between different phases. Job descriptions for classroom teachers were the most viewed in primary schools, whereas the SENCO was the most popular job description in secondaries.

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