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Top ten articles: lesson observation

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'Lesson observation' has been one of the most common search terms on our school leader website in the last year, and we have written articles to answer questions on many different aspects of this topic. By looking at which of these articles have been most popular, we can get an insight into the areas of lesson observation that school leaders are most concerned with.

Below are the ten articles viewed most by school leaders since January.

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  1. Is there a checklist for observing lessons in line with the Ofsted framework?
  2. What evaluation criteria can we use in lesson observations?
  3. Is there a particular lesson observation proforma that inspectors use?
  4. How can I assess pupil progress during a lesson observation?
  5. Can lesson observations be conducted using Ofsted criteria?
  6. Is there an observation form using the Teachers’ Standards and Ofsted criteria?
  7. Do you have a lesson observation proforma that uses the Teachers’ Standards?
  8. Do you have a sample form for observing a teaching assistant?
  9. How formally should ‘drop in’ observations be recorded?
  10. What should be included in the feedback for lesson observations?

It's interesting to note that school leaders are looking for advice on how best to carry out lesson observations, alongside resources such as checklists and templates.

In June The Key is holding a one-day conference, bringing together leading headteachers and authoritative voices to discuss the best ways to inspire and sustain outstanding teaching and learning across your school. The event will include practical information on the most effective approaches to lesson observation and emerging models of high-impact CPD. More details can be found here.

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