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Top ten articles: pupil premium

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‘Pupil premium’ is consistently the most popular search term on the websites of both our school leader service and our school governor service. Below are the questions that prompted the ten most-viewed articles on each service so far this academic year.

Members of each service can log in to see each article in full and ask their own questions about the pupil premium. If you are a school leader or governor who has not used The Key before, you can register for a free-trial log-in here.

The Key for School Leaders

  1. How will Ofsted evaluate our use of the pupil premium?
  2. Do you have a format for reporting how we have spent the pupil premium?
  3. Do you have examples of schools publishing pupil premium information on their websites?
  4. Do you have sample letters to parents about the pupil premium?
  5. Do you have any examples of a school policy on the use of the pupil premium?
  6. What has Ofsted said about schools' use of the pupil premium?
  7. How can I calculate our pupil premium allocation for 2014-15?
  8. Do you have provision maps or action plans for pupil premium spending?
  9. Which pupils receive pupil premium funding?
  10. How are primary schools spending the pupil premium funding?

 The Key for School Governors

  1. What does the role of a pupil premium link governor involve?
  2. What should a report to governors on the pupil premium cover?
  3. Is there guidance on how the pupil premium grant (PPG) must be spent?
  4. How can we monitor pupil premium spending?
  5. Do you have any recommended reading for link governors for the pupil premium?
  6. How will Ofsted want to see the pupil premium budget being spent?
  7. How can we show the impact of the pupil premium funding?
  8. Do you have any examples of a school policy on the use of the pupil premium?
  9. Which pupils receive pupil premium funding?
  10. Will universal free school meals for infants affect the pupil premium?

While there is some overlap between the questions asked on each service, we carefully tailor our responses to suit the different responsibilities of school leaders and governors.

Our researchers direct school leaders to the specific information they need at an operational level, such as how to engage with parents, or what formats other schools are using to publish pupil premium information online. When answering questions from school governors, we focus on providing the information they need to fulfil their duties at a strategic level, monitor impact and ensure value for money.

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