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Top ten articles: school business managers

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What were the priorities for school business managers and bursars in the run up to the new financial year? The admin and management section of our website for school leaders is consistently popular with our members in these roles. Below are the ten articles viewed most by them in this section of the website during March.

Members of The Key for School Leaders can log in to see each article in full and ask their own questions.

  1. School business manager: key tasks through the year
  2. Reporting pupil premium expenditure to governors and parents
  3. Statutory policies and documents
  4. Charging and remission policies
  5. Achieving value for money
  6. Implementing universal infant free school meals (FSM)
  7. School websites: pupil premium information
  8. School websites: PE and sports grant reporting (primary)
  9. School websites: the School Information Regulations 2012
  10. The draft SEN Code of Practice (2014): a summary

It's particularly interesting to see the popularity of our article on reporting on pupil premium expenditure to the governing body. In the same period, we've had questions from members of The Key for School Governors on related topics, including what information the school business manager should report to the finance committee.

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