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Working with parents to raise additional income

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Ways to get parents involved in school fundraising

The most common way to get parents involved in fundraising is via school fairs and other fundraising events. But Nazli noted that there are other practical ways in which they can help:

  • Helping with DIY projects over the weekend which could eliminate the need to employ contractors
  • Encouraging them to purchase school merchandise such as class photos or personalised jumpers with pupil names on the back

Case study: Christ Church Cathedral School

Christ Church Cathedral School is an independent school in Oxfordshire for boys aged 3-13. It uses a free private social networking app for parents called Classlist. The app's network of parents is overseen by the school's parent teacher association (PTA). We spoke to the former chair of the PTA, Maria Blick, about how the school uses the app to engage with parents and generate funding for the school.

Selling tickets for school events

Maria said that the school uses the app to make selling tickets online easier and quicker. She said that by using the app, more tickets have been sold and more income generated for the school through events. Using the app has also reduced the administrative burden of events for the school office staff.

Adverts for local businesses

Maria explained that she approached a number of local businesses, both those who work with the school and those run by parents. Three local businesses set up an arrangement with Classlist where they paid upfront to advertise on the app. A proportion of this went to the school. Through this set-up the school raised £1,600, which it spent on a new playground.

Marketplace for second-hand uniform

Maria saw that a number of parents were already communicating about lost property on the app’s social network platform. She saw an opportunity for the school to establish a second-hand uniform marketplace to meet this need, which could also generate further income for the school.

Selling merchandise from the PTA

Maria also established a marketplace to sell leftover school merchandise items organised by the PTA, such as teatowels and calendars.

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