A cookie is a piece of text stored on the hard drive of your computer, mobile phone or other portable device by your web browser.


Broadly, a cookie distinguishes you from other visitors to our websites and stores information about your website visits, recognises you and your preferences each time you visit our websites, and ensures each site functions for you as we intend it to and enables us to provide the services you request. There are different types of cookies:

Types of browser cookies

Session cookies

These are specific to your browsing session and expire when your browser is closed or when you leave the site. These cookies ensure that you are recognised when you move from page to page within the sites, and any information entered is remembered.

Permanent/persistent cookies

These cookies remain, even when you have closed the browser. These cookies remember information such as your login details, so you don't have to type them in every time you use the sites. Permanent cookies are stored on your device (browser or mobile device), and expire at a fixed point in time, or until you choose to delete them.

First and Third-party cookies

First-party cookies are those set by The Key. Third-party cookies are placed by third party sites and are typically persistent. These cookies gather information on user activity, so that the sites can remember something about you at a later time, such as personalisation preferences or collecting statistics so that The Key can improve the sites. Unless you choose to tell them, the third party sites will never know who you are even if they assign your browser a cookie. These cookies also have different functions:

Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors are using the sites, e.g. which pages are most popular, when errors are being generated and testing different designs. Additionally, performance cookies allow us to count the number of visitors and measure how effective advertising metrics, user experience and site performance.

Functionality cookies

These cookies allow The Key to provide services, such as live chat, and remember choices you have made, so that we can better serve personalised content to you.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are required for the sites to perform correctly, e.g. allowing you to use your credentials to register, log in and access member-only articles and resources.

Targeting and/or advertising cookies

These cookies track your visits to the sites, the links you have clicked and the articles you have viewed. The Key uses this information to target and personalise our advertising, so that is more relevant to your needs.

Can I refuse cookie tracking?

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. If you turn off cookies, you may not be able to use all of our services. However, you will still be able to see article content. The Key is committed to protecting your data and the information we collect about you online. You can withdraw your consent to accept cookies through settings on some of the most popular browsers, using the links below.

The Key First Party

Cookie NameUsePrivacy Policy
The Key authenticationOur system may issue cookies to your computer when you log on to the Sites. Cookies make it easier for you to log on to and use the Sites during future visits as they will remember your IP address and the settings associated with it. They also allow us to edit the content of the Sites for you so that you see information that is relevant to your chosen subscription and account settings.
The Key securityWe use cookies to keep the Sites secure. We may use persistent cookies, which will help us to ensure we have identified the same device is logging into the correct account. These types of cookies also help with our anti-spam measures and may help us to prevent phishers, scammers and unauthorised login attempts to your account. These cookies are strictly necessary for the Sites to function as we need them to.
The Key performanceWe need to use certain cookies and local storage devices to ensure users of the Sites have the best possible experience, such as assisting with your navigation, ensuring pages load up quickly and respond faster to your requests, and so that you find what you are looking for easily.

The Key Third Party

Cookie NameUsePrivacy PolicyOpt Out
Google AnalyticsWe use Google Analytics, a web-analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyse how users use the Sites.
Google Tag ManagerWe use Google Tag Manager to manage tags, cookies and triggers, for marketing and analytical purposes browser settings
Google AdwordsWe use Google Adwords to advertise products, campaigns and the Sites to new and returning users.
Google OptimizeWe use Google Optimize to place users into AB testing experiments, website testing & enhanced personalisation. browser settings
DoubleClickWe use Doubleclick in order to build a detailed view of your interests, so that we may show you relevant adverts.
VimeoWe embed videos from our private Vimeo channel, a service provided by Vimeo, LLC (Vimeo).
YouTubeWe embed videos from YouTube using the privacy-enhanced mode. browser settings
HotjarWe use Hotjar to aggregate data on how visitors to the Sites are using them, building sample heatmaps of scrolling, clicking and mouse movement
HubspotWe use Hubspot to identify site visitors, analyse the performance of email campaigns, track contact form submissions, evaluate paid media activity and monitor clicks through to landing pages. browser settings
Keen IOWe use Keen IO to store data on user activity on the Sites. Keen IO is an analytics service provided by Keen Labs, Inc. (Keen IO) that helps improve web applications by tracking how users interact and engage.!/
EmbedlyWe use Embedly, a media platform provided by Embedly, Inc. (Embedly) to embed videos and media from other websites. browser settings
ZendeskWe use Zendesk Support, Help Centre, Talk and Chat, customer service software provided by Zendesk, Inc. (Zendesk) to allow users to contact our member support team.
FacebookWe use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter remarketing and advertising to advertise our content to new and previous users
LinkedInWe use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter remarketing and advertising to advertise our content to new and previous users
TwitterWe use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter remarketing and advertising to advertise our content to new and previous users
RulerCreate forwarding phone numbers that can be assigned to a certain campaign. Also captures site usage and IPs. browser settings
Salesforce Marketing CloudWe use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to identify site visitors, analyse the performance of email campaigns, track contact form submissions, evaluate campaign activity and conversions, and monitor clicks through to landing pages.
WisePopsWisePops uses website usage data and dataLayers (eg role information from Keystone) to deliver targeted popups, banners and overlays to relevant audiences. browser settings
CalendlyWe use calendly to create forms that capture information about users so that they can book meetings/demos directly into the calendars of relevant SP representatives
ZoomWe use registration forms on Zoom to capture information for registrants to a webinar, so that they can receive an invite and reminder at relevant times
Google FormsWe use Google forms (and by extension, Google Sheets) to capture anonymous post requests for the 'Primary School Leaders' Facebook group. These are then processed using an approval workflow and accepted and posted/rejected as required. browser settings

If you would like to know more about cookies, including flash cookie and local storage devices, the following websites provide useful information:, and