Pupils’ haircuts: question of the week

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Are there policies on pupils’ haircuts?

It’s not unusual for schools to have rules on the length and style of pupils’ hair. How strictly these policies are enforced, however, is often a point of contention. Is it ever right to exclude pupils because of their hairstyles?

While previous government guidance specified that exclusion should not be used in this way, children can now be suspended or expelled for repeatedly ignoring uniform rules.

Despite this, schools must be careful not to enforce rules that could be seen as discriminatory, as illustrated by this story about a school that turned away a pupil with cornrows.

Members of our governor service can read our answer to this question here.

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  1. Nathan Easey – Data and insight manager 8th August 2014

    It’s not just governors that are concerned with questions about haircuts. You can view the questions that school leaders have asked about dealing with haircuts by clicking here.

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