Key Voices #75 – Keeping children safe during lockdown and beyond with MyConcern

"I think sometimes people are looking to remove all risk for staff and that is just not possible, it is about how you manage and mitigate potential risk. "

This week we talk to Martin Baker, CEO and Mike Glanville, Director of Safeguarding Services, at My Concern.  Martin and Mike share what they have been learning from supporting Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs)  over the last 6 months. They talk about how remote learning has affected the role of the DSL and offer some practical tips for schools on how to prepare for a potential increase in safeguarding workload when all pupils return in September.

We also consider what impact this period and increased use of technology might have on safeguarding in the future. 

Mike and Martin mention the debrief they did with over 250 DSLs, you can read the report from this session here

“Just think about the level of concern, confusion and challenge that all of those safeguarding leads have experienced, but I’m so impressed by their resilience and their commitment to solve those problems on behalf of their communities.”

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