How we use your GovernorHub data

The Key and GovernorHub are now part of the same family. Our mission is to provide you with a fantastic package of support to ensure that you and your wider team are organised, confident and effective.

The first time you navigate from GovernorHub to The Key, you will be asked to share some select information stored against your GovernorHub account. We will use this information to provide two clear benefits:

  1. Only one log-in to remember. You will be able to access The Key using your GovernorHub log-in details, and navigate quickly between each site
  2. Personalised article recommendations. The Key will send you recommended reading based on your specific role, any link responsibilities and committee membership details recorded in GovernorHub

We also wanted to be clear on the data we won’t have access to. We won’t have access to your board documents, messages, personal data (except name and email) or password. Our aim is simple: we want to give you a joined-up, personalised experience to ensure that you are prepared and confident in time for your next meeting.