Key Voices #84 – Changing the story on school exclusion with The Difference

The Key
"In 2018-19 just under 8,000 children were permanently excluded - that is 40 children, or just over a class of children, every school day."

This week we talk to Jamie Rogers, Head of Recruitment and Community at The Difference, and Hammad Ali, Senior Leader at The Pendlebury Centre in Stockport - part of the second cohort of Difference Leaders.  They explain what The Difference aims to do, why and how they both got involved, and we hear from Hammad’s first-hand experiences as a Difference Leader. We consider how wellbeing, inclusion and managing behaviour are especially important in all schools at the moment as pupils deal with the anxieties and challenges posed by COVID-19. Jamie and Hammad dispel some of the myths around Alternative Provision and share their view on what mainstream education could learn from the expertise found in AP.

We finish by looking to the future and thinking about how approaches such as those promoted by The Difference can help lower exclusion rates and improve outcomes for vulnerable pupils. 

You can learn more about the work of The Difference here

As mentioned in the podcast, applications for cohort 3 open on 5th November, but you can register your interest in applying here 

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