Key Voices #113 – Rolling out the Early Career Framework

“It doesn’t matter how good a framework you have, it doesn’t matter how good an evidence base you have. Particularly for early career teachers, you need someone who can be there, to help you understand it, to talk you through it and that mentoring relationship is by far the most valuable bit… So we have worked really hard to carve out time and funding for this mentoring element.”  Gareth Conyard 

This week we talk to Gareth Conyard, Deputy Director of the Developing Teachers and Leaders Division of the Department for Education, and Jacqueline Gilbert, Deputy Head at Park View Community School about the Early Career Framework (ECF). We hear from Jacqueline about her experiences as lead mentor for a group of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) as part of the early roll-out.  We learn more about why the ECF is being introduced and how it works in practice for schools. 

We talk about: 
  • The rationale for the introduction of the ECF and how it will work 
  • How it is different from previous NQT induction 
  • Why Jacqueline and her school got involved in the early roll-out of the framework 
  • How Jacqueline found being a mentor and her thoughts about her ECTs’ experience of the programme 
  • How Jacqueline found juggling being a mentor alongside class commitments and the positive impact working with the ECTs  had on her own practice 
  • The fact that the ECF provides a very supportive and consistent experience which is proving helpful for new teachers whose ITT was disrupted by Covid 
  • While the introduction might prove to be an extra challenge for already stretched schools initially it could potentially really support the catch-up effort

You can sign up to a webinar about the ECF here 

You can also find further information here

“Yes you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks!  [Working with the ECTs] has made me much more aware of my own practice and, what I think is really great, is that even though I’ve been 30 odd years in education, it’s keeping that pedagogy fresh.”  Jacqueline Gilbert

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