Key Voices #115 – The power of local collaboration with Haringey Education Partnership

“Covid has shone such a painful light on the stark differences between home-lives and opportunities, not just in different areas [of the borough]...but between children sharing the same classroom.”  

This week we speak to James Page, CEO of Haringey Education Partnership (HEP). HEP is a not-for-profit, schools-led school improvement company established by Haringey schools in partnership with the local authority. We talk about what education partnerships do and how HEP helps local schools work together in a high challenge, high support, high trust environment for the good of all pupils.  We also hear about some of the recent work HEP has been doing on school improvement, curriculum and BAME achievement.  

We talk about: 
  • How being genuinely schools-led is central to the way HEP works 
  • Haringey and the challenges schools serving the borough face 
  • How they are working as a family of schools on curriculum development 
  • The focus HEP have had over the past 4 years and continue to develop around Black Carribean and BAME achievement  
  • How, as a school partnership HEP resources and approaches school improvement differently 
  • The importance of keeping school improvement on the agenda even during the early stages of the pandemic 
  • How the support HEP offers adapted to remote delivery 
  • The work of their Black Caribbean and BAME Achievement Steering Group. In particular how they are helping schools to recognise and understand the systemic issues preventing all pupils achieving their potential and then finding really concrete ways to make meaningful change 
  • The future evolution of HEP and other education partnerships like it

You can watch HEP’s 2021 BAME Achievement Conference here 

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