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Sam Offord, Headteacher, Birchfields Primary School, Manchester

“When I do assembly I often talk about things that I’ve done – holidays I’ve been on, expeditions I’ve done – hopefully so that the children and the staff think ‘oh yes there is a life outside of school”




Andrea Keith

Andrea Keith is Headteacher at Cradle Hill Community Primary School.

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"I will always do what I believe is the best thing for the children, the staff and the school community. If you genuinely believe you are doing the right thing for the pupils, the tough decisions will become easier."

Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones is Headteacher at Anstey Junior School.

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"Knowing we will make a difference to the children if we get it right keeps me motivated and seeing the difference we have made to lives along the way really helps."

Fay Hartland

Fay Hartland is Headteacher at Kielder First School.

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"It is never boring. I love the craziness and the relationships we build with each other, as a staff, with the children and with the parents and carers."

Matthew Carpenter

Matthew Carpenter is Principal at Baxter College.

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"You have to really be strong in yourself, positively affirm your beliefs and values, but also recognise that you won’t be right all the time and that people will understand."

Paul Thomas, Headteacher, Parkwood Primary School, London

“Whatever we do we need to make sure that it has a direct impact on the children, rather than just doing something because that’s the way it’s always been done.”

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