Our Facebook Groups

It’s a place for all leaders, whether that be subjects leads or headteachers, to ask for support and offer support in return.

It is a professional environment where all school leaders are supported and respected, and where there is healthy debate and discussion.

I never dreamed it would become such an asset to over 19,000 members.

Vikkey’s story

I have been a primary teacher for 12 years, an Advanced Skills Teacher for 10 and I was a member of the senior leadership team.

When budgets were being cut, I tried to think of ways that schools could be supported and I created the Primary School Leaders group on Facebook.

Following the success of Primary School Leaders, I created the other sister groups. But managing the groups was becoming a real challenge, due to the amount of posts and moderation required.

I was approached by The Key who wanted to support me in the managing of the groups, and so my role was born, Community Manager at The Key.

This has guaranteed the longevity of the groups and increased our capacity to support them.

Group rules and privacy

Each of the groups has the same set of rules that you can find on the ‘About’ page on Facebook.

These groups are a place for people to seek support. We do not allow unsolicited advertising, self promotion, promotion of other social communities, or sharing of materials for commercial benefit. All free products have to be authorised by admin for suitability to the group.

From time to time and where it feels of value to the groups, we will share resources from The Key to help members with particular challenges.

All users should be mindful that Facebook is a public platform, and information shared is public. You can read Facebook’s data policy here: https://www.facebook.com/policy.php

The Key does not extract or copy any of the comments or private data from these groups.

The groups’ members may see adverts from The Key while using Facebook. These adverts are targeted based on demographic data and use of The Key’s services; they are not affected by membership of our Facebook groups.

You can read The Key’s privacy policy here: https://thekeysupport.com/privacy-policy

Admin hours for the groups are:
Sunday to Thursday, 9am - 9pm
Friday & Saturday, 6pm - 9pm

For more information please contact: [email protected]

Get in contact with Vikkey

In addition to running our own Facebook page, The Key also supports a set of Facebook groups. Each of these groups provide a platform for those working in our schools - a place for all leaders, whether that be subject leads or Headteachers, to ask for support and offer support in return.

The groups we currently support are:

Primary School Leaders
Primary School Governors
Primary School Recruitment
Primary School Office

These groups were created and managed by Vikkey Chaffe...