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The knowledge to act: the brand story

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What we believe

We believe real change happens when education leaders can take meaningful action.

To do so, ambitious and aspiring leaders are in need of reliable, relevant and authoritative knowledge that’s ready to use.

Knowledge that helps them take meaningful action right now. The knowledge to act.


So, what does this mean for our members?

At The Key, we’ve made sure our offer has constantly evolved to cut through the noise and stay up-to-the-minute on the crucial issues.

Our new brand has helped us strengthen our company mission and give us a lense through which we analyse everything we do.


What this means for our members:

  • We know you better than ever: Last year, thousands of  you took part in market research surveys to help us better understand your needs, as they relate to your unique school setting. We’ve taken those valuable insights and changed the way we deliver you knowledge to make sure it’s timely and relevant for you.
  • We’re changing how we write and present our articles, model policies and keydocs. You will see us using simpler, more directive language and layouts to help you take the know-how you need from them quicker.
  • We are working hard to anticipate your needs, delivering resources on the emerging issues you haven’t had time to think about yet. We want to be ready with critical answers before you need them.
  • We’re quicker: we’ve invested in our IT infrastructure that supports our sites so when you need instant answers, our pages load more quickly.
  • Our websites are cleaner and easier to read:  We are clearing out the clutter. Everything from our new simple colours to the use of a clear modern typeface has been carefully thought through to make sure the way we deliver you know-how is helpful and to the point.

  • Our colours and logo were designed with you in mind.  The iconic K logo splits into a highlighter, and a pointer - you’ll notice these used throughout our sites, allowing us to draw your attention to important information quickly.
  • You will know us when you hear us:  Leaders are bombarded daily with opinions, advice and theories. Our new brand tone of voice makes sure The Key is heard and that anyone who hears our voice instantly recognises us. We sound like The Key you know and trust and no-one else.
  • A consistent experience: We have applied our new look and voice to everything we do, making your experience of The Key consistently valuable, regardless of whether you engage with us via our new app, email, social channels, live chat or on the end of the phone.


What the future looks like

We’re on a journey and this is the first step.

We will continue to invest in our research, product development and infrastructure so we can develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

We will try out new formats for delivering content, making sure it is smarter, quicker and easier for you to consume.

Everything we do will be laser focused on providing you with the knowledge to act when you need it.




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